The Team 

Jennie Silkstone , 29 yrs, lives in Nottingham and is an outdoor enthusiast with camping and skiing experience. Also active in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Jennie keeps fit through cycling and running and has now set herself her biggest challenge ever, - to walk the last 112 miles to the South Pole.


Veronica Shaw , 46 yrs, is a housewife who lives in Trowbridge. Having raised five children, ‘Ronnie’ has decided it is now time to set a major goal for herself. Inspired by the accounts of past explorers, she is now training and fund-raising extremely hard to realise her amazing life-enhancing ambition.

Polly Hatchard, 30 yrs, is married and a serving member of the Royal Navy. Until July 2006, she was an active team member of this year's Royal Navy expedition to the South Pole - see: However, the military chose to make necessary cost cuts and unfortunately she lost her place. Having now been through another selection, Polly is joining Shackleton's Unfinsihed to realise a major life goal. Polly has previously climbed as a member of the first UK Armed Forces team to summit the highest peak North of the Arctic Circle and has made various expeditions to Norway. She loves a major outdoor challenge!
Carolyn Kirkham , 33 yrs, is a solicitor working in Nottingham. An experienced camper, her interests include rowing and running. Caroline looks forward to testing her personal limits and being fascinated by Shackleton and Scott, would like to experience something as close to the adventures as possible.