North Pole 2005

The Team 

Barry Harper , Barry Harper, 46 yrs is a Police Inspector from Nottingham. Barry has considerable experience competing in endurance events both on the roads and in the mountains. A very positive person, Barry made the first foot crossing of Great Bear Lake in 2003. This time, his proven competence has won him the position of assistant guide.


Vanessa McGroaty , 32 yrs is a Doctor from South Yorkshire. Vanessa has limited outdoor experience and is looking forward to meeting the challenge of walking in one of the worlds last remaining unspoiled environments.

Liz Warner , 42 yrs is a full time mother from Nottingham. Liz has always had a love of the Great Outdoors - and now her children are growing older, she is looking for a major challenge to meet on her own terms. Liz is using this opportunity to raise money for charity and to extend the experience to children and schools.
Sheldon Jury , 36 yrs is an air ambulance paramedic who lives In Kent. Sheldon was involved in a serious road accident in 2002 and this expedition is a triumph he can even go at all. Sheldon is a very positive man who has a wealth of outdoor experience in wilderness areas. He is also an expert with firearms. Sheldon’s ambition is to reach The North Pole.
David Shreeves, age 32, is a Nottingham man with a serious visual disability. For some it might be enough to simply walk round the streets, but David is determined to show others what can be achieved when you really put your mind to it - and highlight there are people out there who have hidden disabilities. David is a strong character who loves a challenge - particularly in the great outdoors. He works locally as a Youth Development Officer and is raising money for the cause close to his heart - the Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind.